Date : 14 and 15 May , 2012

Quizmasters : Dilip Kr Sarma and Dipankar Kaushik

Venue : TRP Indoor Stadium, Nehru Stadium, Guwahati

Eligibility : College Level

Winners :

1) India Quiz

1st : Vinay Upadhyay and Chiranjit Gam ( AMC/AEC)

2nd : Deepjyoti Deka and Kapinjal Sharma ( Cotton / IITG )

3rd : Sandipan Goswami and Abhishek Patiri ( SSA, Dispur)

2) Lone Wolf Quiz

1st : Vinay Upadhyay ( AMC )

2nd : Deepjyoti Deka ( Cotton College )

3rd : Kapinjal Kishore Sharma ( IIT Guwahati )

Review Edit

Two quizzes were organised as a part of the Edu Expo 2012, held at the TRP Indoor Stadium in Guwahati. The first was an India quiz, which featured two membered teams. Around two dozen teams attended the quiz. There was a 25 question prelims, where questions from various aspects and regions of India were asked, starting appropriately with a question on the Indian National Anthem. This was followed by the main round, consisting of 7 challenging rounds, testing the knowledge of the participants on India. The team of Dr Vinay and Chiranjit created a significant lead right at the beginning, and were clear winners. The main competition was for the second and third positions, where all the other five teams fought neck to neck, but the Cotton / IITG combo team of Deepjyoti and Kapinjal clinched the second position scoring as many as 70 points in the last round.

On the second day there was the Lone Wolf quiz, with a much better participation. There was a 27 question prelims, at the end of which 6 participants made it to the final. Once again, Dr Vinay gained a significant lead at the outset, and carried through with a great performance. The compettion was for the second and third positions, but Deepjyoti Deka came from behind to seal the second position with a perfect 35 points in the subject round.

Overall, two very informative quizzes in two days, where the quizmasters focused on basic general knowledge more than obscure details, which indeed is becoming rarer in present day quizzes. The only flipside, however, was the disparity in prizes awarded to the winners, where the 1st team got a Micromax funbook, but the second and third placed teams were given books, including Stephanie Mayer's " Twilight".