The Participants

The congregation of the pilgrims

Date : 29th June, 2012

Venue : Nehru Park

Quizmasters : Kapinjal Sharma, Deepjyoti Deka

Eligibility :Open

Winners :

1st : Mit Chowdhury and Sandipan Goswami

2nd : Bhaskar Sharma and Maharnav Hazarika

3rd : Raheef Rasheed Aowal and Debaditya

Following on the heels of the Quiz Fest with No Name, this hub quiz was organised to carry forward the positive trend. With more than 16 participants and over 3 hours of quizzing in trying conditions, it was a memorable day. Mit Chowdhury and Sandipan Goswami totally dominated the quiz, starting from the long 35 question prelims, and following it up in the final rounds by Deepjyoti Deka and Kapinjal Sharma.