2012, in some ways, has been a breakout year as regards hub quizzing in Guwahati. This is a overview list of all the Hub Quizzes conducted in Guwahati in 2012. Follow the links for the main articles.

The Quiz Fest With No NameEdit

The Quiz fest with no name was a series of three quizzes which took place over two days, 23rd and 24th July 2012

Main Article : The Quiz Fest With No Name (2012)

Khai Boi TongEdit

This was a hub quiz organised by Angkit Rajkumar at Whistling Woods, followed by another quiz by Kamanasish Chowdhury.

Main Article : Khai Boi Tong

The Park QuizzesEdit

Three Park Quizzes have been conducted by different quizmasters. The name comes from the fact that the quizzes were conducted in Nehru Park, Panbazar.

1. The Park Quiz Version 1.0 by Deepjyoti Deka ( Main Article : Park Quiz Version 1 )

2. For A Few Points More by Kapinjal Sharma and Deepjyoti Deka ( Main Article : For A Few Points More )

3. Yeh Kya Bakchodi Hai by Bhaskar Sharma and Lucas Baishya ( Main Article : Yeh Kya Bakchodi Hai )

Play it Again, SamEdit

This was a set of three quizzes held on 8th July 2012 at the residence of the Goswami brothers , Sandipan and Sudarshan.

Main Article : Play it Again Sam