How is quizzing in Asaam a greater phenomenon than those in other parts of the country?

Yes our Arul Mani's works keeping other's money intack n now others health,but come a quiz,300 kms by motorcycle or 572 kms by bus,they are there.Forgotten are nature's calls as Abhra Das climbs onto a bus to go to far off Duliajan(all the while nursing the typical gastric problems seen across the Bengali Mileu).A thousand hangovers cannot stop a certain Captain from climbing hills and not enjoy the scenes around and neither it can stop a mother from bringing her son there as she's afraid the captain will mow him down!

1500 kms(nearly) in 4 days for the sake of 2 quizzes ,in which the total earning was about 3k all of which was spent in the after quiz party .Quiz here at one point was pure....(TBC)