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The Motley Crue

Date: 08.07.2012

Venue: Residence of Goswami Brothers

Quizmasters: Sandipan Goswami, Sudarshan Goswami, Biswajit Sarma, Chandrajit Dohutia

The QuizzesEdit

A total of three quizzes were held on this day. The first was a general quiz by Sandipan Goswami and Sudarshan Goswami. This was followed by a MELA quiz by Biswajit Sarma , and finally there was a short general quiz by Chandrajit Dohutia. It was incredible that quiz lovers from Nalbari had come all the way to Guwahati to participate in a hub quiz.

The First QuizEdit

Quizmasters : Sandipan Goswami and Sudarshan Goswami

The first quiz , which was the main event of the show, started at 10 AM and carried on till 1:30 PM. It was a top quality quiz where the participants were put to test with more than 100 questions. At the end of this marathon, the winners were as follows :

1st : Amrit Sarma, Prince Shuvam and Kapinjal Sharma

2nd : Dipankar Sarma, Dilip Kr Sarma, Devatrisha Purkayastha and Lucas Baishya

3rd : Biswajit Sarma, Chandrajit Dohutia and Maharnab Hazarika

The Second QuizEdit

Quizmaster : Biswajit Sarma

The first quiz was followed by a hardcore MELA quiz by Biswajit Sarma. After 40 soul-searching questions, the winners were :

1st : Sudarshan Goswami, Arunav Chowdhury and Kapinjal Sharma

2nd : Sandipan Goswami, Mahendra Mohan Das and Prince Shuvam

3rd : Angkit Rajkumar, Himangshu Kalita and Lucas Baishya

The Third QuizEdit

Quizmaster : Chandrajit Dohutia

Finally, there was a well-balanced set of 30 questions by Chandrajit Dohutia. It was a closely fought game, with as many as four teams tied for the second spot . The winners were :

1st : Dilip Kr Sarma, Sudarshan Goswami and Kapinjal Sharma

2nd : Four teams tied at the same score