Participants writing the prelims at the AEC auditorium.

Date: 23 & 24 July 2012

Venue : AEC Auditorium

Panchajanya Press, Panbazar

Quizmasters : Mit Chowdhury, Dr Bhatta, Pinakpani Kashyap, Nayanjyoti Medhi

A 2-day long quiz festival organised for and by the die-hard quizzers of Assam. Three quizzes were held as part of the event.

BAZINGA - the open general quizEdit

Quizmaster: Mit Chowdhury

Venue: AEC Auditorium


1st: Kapinjal Sharma and Dilip Kumar Sharma

2nd: Abhra Das and Shaswata Dutta

3rd: Angkit Rajkumar and Neelam Goswami

Written Pop-Lit QuizEdit

Venue: AEC Auditorium

Quizmasters: Nayanjyoti Medhi and Pinakpani Kashyap

Top 3 scores:

1st: Sandipan Goswami

2nd: Angkit Rajkumar

3rd: Mit Chowdhury

Quiz Pan Bazar - the open general quizEdit

Venue: Panchajanya Press, Lakhtokia

Quizmaster: Dr. Bhatta (of Qutub Quizzers)


1st: Mit Chowdhury and Kapinjal Sharma

2nd: Sandipan Goswami and Bhaskar Sharma

3rd: Kamal Medhi and Shaswata Dutta